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 Main Check List

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Main Check List Empty
PostSubject: Main Check List   Main Check List EmptySat Sep 12 2009, 11:43

O.S. maps/Road maps/other maps
Map for Hellvatsluis (Rotterdam)
Channel hopping book
Hotel chain book
Written Itinerary/other literature/computer notes
Safety on the mountain book
Hotel overnight stay bag
Ferry or Airline tickets
Letter of confirmation
Airport parking details
Ramblers Yearbook
iPod & Speakers or Bose
iPod charger link
Lap top
Wallet/Cheque Book/Foreign Currency
Phrase books
BDV documentation
Driving licence
Insurance Document
Registration Document
Recovery Abroad Documentation
Hire car details
Hazard warning triangle
Headlight adaptor stickers
Car fire extinguisher
First aid kit
Blister plasters
Midge repellent
Ordinary plaster
GB stickers
Foot pump
Car tools/jack/tow rope/jump leads
Wind up torch/radio
Fuel cannister & funnel
Water carrier
Pen & paper for car
Prescribed medication
Travel games/jig saw/walkman
PSP & charger
Gas stove & cylinders
Barrel barbie
Check venue for wood/peat burning stove/fire
Portable chairs
Swimming costume/wet suits/goggles
Sunglasses/sun tan lotion
Wildlife and bird books
Avon So Soft
Rock Hoppers
Flip Flops
Travel alarm clock
CD player & CD's
Camcorder/charger/batteries/film tapes
Digital camera and charger
35 mill Camera
Mobile phone & chargers & in car chargers
Universal adaptor for foreign plugs
Candles/T lights
Walking Cords/Boots/Gaitors/Socks
Walking hat/gloves/mittens/scarves
Wicking underwear
Walking sticks
Small water bottles
Buff head wraps
GSP & batteries
Spare walking clothes
Hip flask
Bikes & bike rack
Bike locks
Survival bags
Pac a macs
Fleeces & Waterproof outer coats
Light weight boots
Long johns
Clothes on hanger
Leatherman tool
Leather Hat
Leather jacket
Hair dryer
Little electric room heater
Gang four
Toothpaste & toothbrushes
20 worth of pound coins
Toilet roll
Eye drops
Nail clippers/Nail file/Tweezers/Floss/Cotton wool buds
Bubble bath
Shower attachment
Shower crunchy
Bath Mats
Make up
Beard trimmer/razor/shaving foam
Dress shoes
Dress shirt and ties
Running kit
Dressing gown & slippers
Bath Towels
Dinghy (Oars & Ropes & Inflator Pump)
Diddy TV (mains and in car adaptor)
Christmas stuff
Sellotape & gifts
Carpet sweeper/Dust pan & brush
Sea sickness wrist pads
Wine chilling blanket
Clocks back?
Any programmes need recording?
Timer lights
Heating and Hot water
Water plants/water system
Plugs out and doors closed
Water stop cock
Hang out washing
Bleach Toilet Cisterns
Check garage door and shed locked
No cats locked in!!
Windscreen washer levels
Tyre pressures/Coolant Water/Engine Oil
Pack up tea/coffee for the car
Put the rubbish out
Check bird feeders
Lottery and Football Predictions
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Main Check List
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